6 Reasons why CrossFit Engine38 is different than any gym/bootcamp/fitness program you have joined before.


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Virtuosity is defined as doing the common thing uncommonly well, perhaps you were surprised or even intimidated at the beginning by how the coaches kept on correcting your technique while doing any of the simple movements that you might have been doing throughout your life like “Tuck your elbows in” while doing a push up, or “Push your knees out” while doing body-weight squat. In CrossFit we care so much about teaching our athletes to move correctly, not only does it makes them injury-proof, but it also distinguishes them as elite athletes anywhere they train.


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Physical needs differ by degree not by kind, an Olympic athlete needs to be able to squat double his body weight while an 80 years old grandma needs much less strength, but both will need the squat motion to be able to get off the couch. CrossFit is scaled to suit your athletic level, or your limitation if you are injured. When you first join us at CrossFit Engine38, you will be enrolled to the foundations program that ensures that you learn all the needed techniques and introduces you to the intensity of the workouts before you are eligible to join the group sessions.



One of the best aspects about CrossFit is the community, being surrounded by positive people while training will definitely get the best out of you; moreover working out in a group makes it more fun than working out alone. We are also a part of a bigger community that is global, as there are more than 8000 CrossFit affiliates all over the world, if you go to a CrossFit gym anywhere in the world you will never feel like an outsider.

Constantly Varied



The definition of CrossFit is “Constantly Varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity”, Constantly varied means that routine is the enemy when it comes to our workout, combining elements from gymnastics, weightlifting and cardio into short, medium and long timed workout you will never get bored doing CrossFit. Here at CrossFit Engine38 everyday is different! If you are the type of person that gets bored from a workout routine that never changes, CrossFit is definitely your thing!


Improved Athletic Performance


CrossFit will take your athletic performance and abilities to a whole new level, you will be surprised at what your body can do, you will become, faster and stronger, and as a result, you will reach the physique and fitness level that aim to achieve! In CrossFit we train in different modalities, so you will become a better runner, lifter and gymnast; all together in one package.



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People who join CrossFit are not joining an ordinary bootcamp or fitness program where they go to break a sweat and go back home. In CrossFit you will break that sweat and in addition to that you will be learning new skills, starting from the basic bodyweight squat with all its fundamentals, until you reach advanced movements like ring muscle ups and snatches. At CrossFit Engine38 our certified trainers have studied in depth all of these movements and how to do them in an efficient manner.