How to Book a Class

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Follow the below steps

First, you need to download the Zen Planner Members App from HERE

All Engine38 members already have accounts on the Zen Planner platform and everyone have already received an email to reset their password to login to the app.
if you have not received it, simply CLICK HERE and use the “Forgot Password Option”
Note: Your Login ID is your email address registered at Engine38 database. In case you have changed that email, kindly contact us on stating your full name, new email and branch

Now here is an exact guide on how to use the app for reservation
Reserving a Class on the Member App


Q: How do I book my spot in a class?
A: Reserving a Class on the Member App

Q: What if I don’t have an active membership?
A: Buy new membership as below
SODIC & MUST Athletes: You can buy online HERE , or in location
DOWNTOWN Athletes: Please pay at our location in shooting club. Our coaches will help you  🙂

Q: What if I don’t receive my login details?
A: Simply CLICK HERE and use the “Forgot Password Option”

Q: What happens with my membership started before the lockdown?
A:  Memberships for each branches will be resumed on the first operating day
MUST and Downtown (July, 15th)
SODIC West (August, 9th)

Q: Can I cancel my booking for a session?
A: Yes, cancellation closes 2 hours before session
And reservations can be done last minute

Q: What if I don’t cancel and don’t come?
A: The session will be deducted from your package and you’ll be occupying spots that your fellow engines could have used 🙂