Ever wondered why you workout consistently and still don’t see the results you wish for?!
Well, Nutrition is the game changer!

We’re now launching the Engine Nutrition with Nora Wissa.
Either you want to lose fat, gain muscle mass, develop better eating habits or perform better in your training, or even have it all together, this is absolutely for you!

Nora is an ISSA Sport Nutrition Specialist and a CrossFit Level 1 trainer, she has helped many professional and amateur athletes from different sports achieve performance excellence since 2016.

Engine Nutrition kicks off this Ramadan. Be ready

2 Packages available:
1- Ramadan Package (EGP 1,500 Buy Here)
2- 3 Months Nutrition Package (EGP 2,500 Buy Here)

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More About Nora
It all started in 2012 when I was introduced to CrossFit. I got hooked!
I loved the sport, its dynamics, its variation, its challenges and the community that came with that of course.
One thing I was unable to figure out though was what to eat to feel energetic and well recovered.
I came across a Paleo diet competition so I signed up and won. It was a learning experience but I felt like there was more to learn about sports-related nutrition. I decided to take this curiosity further and studied the science behind sports nutrition.
This is when I got certified in June 2016 and became a Specialist in Sports Nutrition. This was a life-changing experience as I learnt what to eat, when and why!
I’ve been passionate about helping people who are into sports, know what they need to eat for their specific sport, how to progress and how to lose fat, gain muscle or maintain their weight. Ever since I started in October 2016, I’ve worked with some many professional and amateur individuals from different sports backgrounds, ages and fields. I worked with people who go to the gym regularly, CrossFit athletes, professional triathletes, swimmers, runners, teenagers, girls on the women’s football national team and so many more. Each with their own special target, playing their own specific sport and aiming for their own particular goal. It’s personally tailored for your individual preferences, lifestyle and exercise type/duration and intensity, The exciting news is, IT WORKS!
I’ve read so many articles about dieting and eating less but it doesn’t work this way if you want to play sports and excel at it.
Let me show you how!